Meet up with me at CES 2024 – Updated

I’ll be attending CES Las Vegas this year. Please reach out if you’d like to meet up at CES to discuss tech and what I am working on/researching for ULRI.

Updated Post CES.

What a whirlwind week in Las Vegas. CES was massive and there is so much to unwrap. Some of the major overall themes:

  • AI in everything.  Not sure if this is good, bad or indifferent. Just seems that everyone is adding ‘AI’ to their products. Seemingly not understanding the value added, but it’s the buzz.
  • The suspicious overload of ‘things’ in all products. I am seeing a theme that is starting to push toward this trend of a subscription-based model for all electronics.
  • Lots of automotive tech and autonomous driving tech. Looks really cool and promising, but woof the tech is still in its infancy.
  • Autonomous robotics (vacuums, pool cleaners, lawnmowers, delivery vehicles) may be really ready for primetime for larger-scale deployment.
  • Solid State Batteries – still massively concerned about battery tech and battery safety as more companies are building high-capacity battery modules.